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In Vietnam, more than political prisoners are currently locked up simply for exercising their basic rights.

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Rights bloggers and activists face police harassment, intimidation, surveillance, and interrogation on a daily basis. Activists face long stints of pre-trial detention, without access to lawyers or family in a one-party police state that brooks no dissent.

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  • Libérer les prisonniers politiques au Vietnam.

International donors and trade partners should press for the end to the systematic persecution of peaceful critics. Join us in calling for the immediate release all people imprisoned and detained for peacefully exercising their rights. Les activistes et blogueurs sont régulièrement harcelés par la police.

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Les bailleurs de fonds internationaux et autres interlocuteurs devraient presser le gouvernement de cesser de persécuter les opposants pacifiques, et de remettre en liberté tous les prisonniers politiques. Une liste de plus de prisonniers figure en Annexe du communiqué en français, les profils ci-dessous sont en anglais.

More Posts. Dang Nhât Minh est venu au cinéma par hasard. Après ses études secondaires, il est envoyé en URSS pour apprendre le russe. En la chaîne de télévision américaine CNN place son film Quand viendra le dixième mois parmi les 18 meilleurs films asiatiques de tous les temps. Presses universitaires de AMU. A ne pas manquer. What does censorship do to a culture?

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  • (1802-1883).

How do censors justify their work? When the book finally appeared in , after five years of negotiations with Vietnamese censors, more than four hundred passages had been altered or cut from the text. After the book was published, Bass flew to Vietnam to meet his censors, at least the half dozen who would speak with him.

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In Censorship in Vietnam, he describes these meetings and examines how censorship works, both in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world. An exemplary piece of investigative reporting, Censorship in Vietnam opens a window into the country today and shows us the precarious nature of intellectual freedom in a world governed by suppression. This is an eye-opening, disturbing, sad, and altogether fascinating account of censorship in contemporary Vietnam.

Even more than that, Thomas Bass introduces us to a number of brave Vietnamese poets and fiction writers who have endured almost unimaginable hardships merely for expressing the humane values that most Americans take for granted. It helps explain why history as a discipline is in such a sorry state in Vietnam. The past is a minefield, like the landscape. Remaking the Past in Late Socialist Vietnam.

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Thomas A. The War Comes Home Rather than locking up its critics, Viet Nam should be looking on the party congress as an opportunity to reform and to move the country towards a genuine commitment to human rights. He founded the dissident Committee for Human Rights in Viet Nam in — now called the Vietnam Human Rights Centre — and was one of the original signatories to an online petition on Freedom and Democracy for Viet Nam which garnered the support of thousands.

In April , he founded the Brotherhood for Democracy, and he now faces imprisonment for a second time for his commitment to human rights.

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The attack is the latest in a series of physical assaults on human rights defenders in Viet Nam over the past 18 months which have been highlighted by the UN, among others. Amnesty International and others have repeatedly called for Article 88 to be repealed or amended to conform with international human rights law and standards, which Viet Nam is obliged to uphold as a signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Vietnamese authorities have stated that several laws relating to human rights are under preparation for approval by the National Assembly in Amnesty International.

Diffusion en Afrique le samedi 19 décembre et en France le dimanche 20 décembre En Afrique, en Asie, en Amérique, en Europe et au Proche-Orient, rafraîchissons-nous la mémoire et partageons notre histoire! Diffusions Paris et le monde: A 20 ans, il résistait aux Nord-Vietnamiens en éditant des journaux clandestins.

Arrêté puis incarcéré à Saïgon, Van Huy disparaît et ne rentre chez lui que 18 mois plus tard en Il tente la traversée de la mer de Chine 27 fois. Sauvé par un bateau français en , il obtient la nationalité française deux ans plus tard. Beaucoup y perdent la vie. A family vacation revives thoughts about fleeing South Vietnam as a child. The images accompanying this article are a combination of drawings from memory and the new artwork based on our recent trip back to my homeland.

This year, my wife suggested that we take a family vacation to Vietnam. Plus, she said.

Still, I thought she was crazy. It has been more than 40 years since I left and, to this day, I still feel some trepidation at the sound of exploding fireworks. To me, they reverberate vividly in my memory like those turbulent last days of the war. It was April 30, , and Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, was under siege. I was 10, the youngest of eight children.

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I was living with my parents and four of my siblings in a one-room house. The Vietcong were making their way toward the capitol building. The sound of bombs exploded nearby. My parents, hoping to get us away from the chaos, told my brothers and sister to get on our bikes and ride away.

How I Escaped Vietnam

When things calmed down, they said, we should come back. It was the last time I would see them for 14 years. Lire la suite: Le verdict est tombé le 14 décembre: Aperçu biographique et rappel des faits: